Fall Favorites

Happy Wednesday! I thought my Wednesday was off to a good start, that is until I wrote this entire post and then SquareSpace crashed on me. Nothing like starting your day out with some frustration, right? But I'm not letting that ruin my day. I almost didn't even remember to post today because I couldn't remember what day it even is. That is one lesson that baseball has taught me. No matter if you're in-season or off-season, you will never be able to keep track of days again. In-season, they will always blend together because of the 160+ games and travel days. Off-season? You think you'll be better, but then you have all of this time with your man and you just completely lose track of the world. And that is no exaggeration in any way, shape, or form. 

So let me talk to you about this cardigan because it is tied for first for me! I've been wearing it and this cardigan non-stop. However, the cardigan in today's post is definitely more of what I'd wear out not the cozy cardigan (which I'm totally wearing right now!) If you've been following me then you know I prefer garments that cover my behind. So longer duster cardigans are my best friends! I love this J.Jill cardigan because it can be styled many ways and it is the perfect weight. Not too thick or too thin! Which is so important when searching for the perfect fall/winter cardigan. For me, I'd prefer to spend more on quality items and have less of them then buy a bunch of inexpensive items that aren't made very well. But that is just me! 

I also wanted to quickly mention the jewelry that I'm wearing because it is forreal my everyday jewelry. All of it is from Moon & Lola! I love the style and quality of their jewelry and I obviously get tons of use out of it! So if you're on the hunt for some great everyday pieces, I'd definitely go check them out!

Which item from today's look is your favorite? Let me know below!


PS: If you're interested in the baseball wife life, check out the latest post on Clubhouse Corner today. You might just see someone you recognize!


what i'm wearing

Top: c/o Nell + Rose | Cardigan: c/o J.Jill | Jeans: Nordstrom | Shoes: c/o Saks Off Fifth | Bag: Tory Burch | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Necklace: c/o Moon & Lola | Bracelets: c/o Moon & Lola

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photography: ebonn yvonne