First Friday | December 2016

Happy Friday + Happy FIRST Friday of December! 

So November was a really exciting month for me. Recapping it is very exciting for me so bare with me as I just gush a little bit because I got engaged AND married

O N E | I got engaged + married my best friend.

And it was amazing! Eloping wasn't something I thought I would want to do growing up, but I couldn't be more happy with our decision. It was just us and it was just perfect. Our day was filled with activities that we love to do like: walk our dogs, be outside, and be together. When I was growing up, I always dreamt of a big wedding. But as I grew older, the idea of a large wedding literally frightened me. I know it comes off like I am full of energy and not bothered by attention but the truth is, I've grown to be quite an introvert. But more details on the wedding + why we decided to elope are in the works! I'm thinking I'll share these later on, perhaps after the holidays. 

TWO | I finally made my hair tutorial!

I know a lot of you asked, and it took me awhile to do it. But I just have to say: HOLY COW! Videos are serious work so props to all of you vloggers out there reading this. The entire time I was filming the tutorial I was a nervous wreck. I was even more nervous to edit it because quite honestly, I know nothing about videos or iMovie. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband who edited and completed the video for me! And I hope you all enjoyed it! You can check it out here!

THREE | This is my favorite outfit of the month.

It really shouldn't be a surprise because it contains all of the items that I wear on repeat, right?! Like you've probably seen me in these booties, jeans, and with this clutch close to twenty times. But ya know what? If it ain't broke, don't fix it! They work for me and my much that I never get tired of them. I got these new jewels by Betsy Pittard Designs this month too! And I cannot tell you how many compliments I've received on this necklace. I am loving the earrings though, they are so light and add such a flair to any outfit! #GreatHolidayGift

Four | I shared a Thanksgiving outfit idea that it also holiday appropriate.

I know I've said this before but I love making the most out of my clothing. There's nothing worse than buying an item, wearing it once and then not knowing how to style it. So that's why I'm always sharing the ways that I re-style items! This dress is no exception! I styled it casually in this post but it could easily be dressed up with heels, a clutch, and a statement necklace! The sky is the limit.

Five|i haven't given my white jeans a break. 

And quite honestly, I don't plan on it! I will be wearing my white denim year round because I can + because that faux pas is dead. I will say though, I believe there is a right and wrong way to style your white denim in the winter. Check out how I styled my white denim here, here, and here. OH! If you love comfy clothing like I do then you'll love this. Use code "GOLDEN" at checkout to receive 20% off the comfiest top! And you need it because grey is so extremely versatile.

Well, that's a recap of my five favorites from November. Any favorite moments that you'd like to share? I'd love to know, so just leave them below!