First Friday | July 2017

Happy Friday! As I awoke this morning I had a feeling it was going to be a good Friday. Now I'm writing this blog post for the second time today because my blog platform can occasionally freeze. So you know how I feel about this Friday already. #whompwhompwhomp But forreal, I can't believe that we've already celebrated the Fourth. I'm not saying I'm mad about it because we're just that much closer to my birthday AND the return of my husband from baseball.

Check out my favorite moments from the past month below!

o n e | I celebrated my two year anniversary of blogging and one year anniversary of blogging full-time.

At times it totally doesn't feel like I've been doing this for one year, let alone two years. But it's so crazy to me to see how much I've grown over such a short period of time. If you have a minute, I encourage you to browse through my archives to see where I started! It's just proof that if there's something you want to do, you can do it. You just have to set your mind to it!

t w o | I brought the denim skirt trend back into my wardrobe.

And yes, I'm saying 'back' because it was in my wardrobe years and years ago. Kinda kicking myself in the butt now that I didn't keep any of those denim skirts. But it's cool because this one from Red Dress Boutique is so soft and comfy!

t h r e e | Went outside my comfort zone with this post.

Sharing a photo in a bathing suit is not something I would typically do. But I felt like this bathing suit was a good way to push myself outside of my comfort zone. If you know me, you know I shared all of the photos with Christian beforehand to get his feedback and to make sure he was comfortable with it. Surprisingly, he likes me in this one piece more than my high waisted two piece suits. Go figure!

f o u r | This is hands down my favorite outfit.

Sometimes less is more and with this look I definitely kept it simple with my accessories. I got the top on sale at Nordstrom for less than $30 and I know I'll be getting tons of use out of it. It would also make a super cute cover-up too!

f i v e | This was my most popular post on Instagram.

Unfortunately, this exact dress is old from Gap. But it's just an example of a new post that'll be coming to the blog soon. I'm going to talk about sharing closets with your girlfriends!