First Friday | June 2017

Happy Friday, cuties! I can't believe we are already through May; and more importantly that we've been in our home for almost 3 months now. Now if only I could get my baseball playing husband home so he could enjoy our house? Any tips on stealing your husband from baseball are welcome! Anyways, this post is coming your way a tad late today because I am not only dog-sitting for a friend; but I am duck-sitting. They have a few baby ducks that I'll be caring for the next week. And y'all; I had them in their little baby pool this morning. It was the cutest thing! I think they may do an Instagram story takeover. I'm sure none of y'all will be mad about it though! So. Stinking. Cute.

So let's get right to it. Check out my favorite moments, blog posts, and items below from the past month. Ready..Set..Go..

O N E | This is hands-down my favorite outfit of the month! Kimonos just add such a romantic and fun feel to any outfit. And I love that you can just throw on your favorite pair of jeans too! Pink Blush has tons of kimonos, which is where I got this one! You can check them out here and check out the full blog post here!

T W O | The off-the-shoulder addiction is still real. I honestly don't think this will ever change, but I ain't mad about it. This striped OTS top is under $20 too! Check out the full post here!

T H R E E | This is my best post on Instagram! Blogger or not; I'm sure you've noticed that is becoming more and more difficult to see the content from the bloggers that you love and FOLLOW. Instagram is implementing tons of weird algorithms that is just making it more difficult for y'all to see my content. It's not just affecting me; it's affecting just about every single blogger. We're all used to way more engagement than we've been getting so it's been hitting us hard. It can certainly be discouraging; so if you enjoy my posts, just send me a message, DM, or e-mail. I'd just love to know that what I'm doing is being well received. 

F O U R | This print will be in my office space! So I'm waiting on the paint to go on sale next weekend; then I'll painting my office and getting started with the decorating. I've got three prints from Type Setter and I totally plan to grab a few more! I'm especially loving this one because I have totally adopted that southern state of mind! It's safe to say that I'm truly home. I might be a born and raised northern girl; but I think I was meant to live in the southern soil.

F I V E | I'm pretty confident that I officially have the green thumb! When we moved into our home a few months ago our landscaping was rough. All of the flowers were not taken care of and pretty much diseased. I did some research, trimmed them all back, and simply nursed them back to life. And this week my hydrangeas finally bloomed! I just planned another one too! Now if only the southern soil could handle peonies. But I'm told the clay soil doesn't really like peonies! The saddest news ever.

Anyways, those were my favorite moments from this past months. Were any of these posts your favorite too? If not, let me know which ones you enjoyed! Have a great weekend!