First Friday | October 2016

Guys, it's really October. 

So it's another issue of First Friday. I still can't believe September is over. I feel like the month just flew by but I'm not complaining. We are finally (just about) settled into our apartment. It took us 24 hours to unpack and get everything decorated on the walls. I'm kinda a goof like that though! Other times we've moved (which has been more and more frequent) I've gotten our house together in about the same time frame. I suppose that's what being a baseball gypsy will teach you. I'm a master packer and planner. Enough about moving, let's get into some of my favorite things from September.

O N E | Belle & Whistles | If you know me then you already know I'm a baseball gypsy. What is that you may ask? It means I travel with my guy to where ever he plays baseball. We have recently relocated to Sarasota, FL which is where the Orioles spring training is held. I am obsessed with this tee that was custom made by Belle & Whistles. Not only is the quality great but it's so unique! I definitely see more B&W sports apparel in my future! Check out more of the post here. PS: Harry Potter fan? She makes a #squadgoals tee for Harry Potter too!

T W O | Betsy Pittard Designs | I'm also sure you've seen plenty of these jewels, but I'm not mad about it. I have literally been LIVING in them. They are so versatile and go with anything. Another thing I love? They make a statement. Don't get me wrong, I love a dainty piece of jewelry but I think I'm more of a statement gal. But no matter which look you prefer, BPD has plenty to offer. This outfit was definitely one of my favorites too (I'll definitely be repeating) and you can check out more of the look here!

T H R E E | Finding sweet little coffee shops | I've become one of those people who needs coffee. Okay, maybe not needs but I crave an iced coffee every. single. day. Starbucks is usually the quickest and safest option, but since I've been moving more and more I have enjoyed finding new coffee shops. There were a few great ones in Norfolk, VA that I wish I would've found sooner. Now, I'll be searching for some new coffee shops in Sarasota. If you know of any, please let me know!

F O U R | Starletta Designs | Also, another one of my favorite jewelry companies. The jewelry is exquisite and simple. I absolutely love the stones and how the pieces are so layer able. I've worn mine recently here (the outfit above hasn't been shared yet, but it's coming soon! You can check out more of her products here

F I V E | White jeans after Labor Day | I have been wearing my white jeans more and more after Labor Day. I know I probably sound like a broken record but I absolutely love the contrast of colors. It's my new favorite way to style outfits. Check out more of my white after LD looks here, here, and here. Are you a rule breaker? Do you like white after LD? 

So now that I've shared a few of my September favorites, what were some of your favorites? Let me know below.