First Friday | September 2016

Holy Cow. I cannot believe it is September.

But that also means the off-season is almost here! We've got some big things planned for this off-season too. Before we jump into the weekend, check out some of my favorites from August. Along with some of my favorite posts from this past month too! 

O N E | I'm absolutely OBSESSED with this earrings by Ashley Anne Jewelry. Statement earrings have been my thing this past month and these have been my go-to. All of the jewelry is designed and handmade by Ashley herself. She also does custom jewelry for events and weddings!

T W O | This clutch from The Providence Story has literally saved my life over the past 2 months. If I'm ever in a funk with what to wear, adding this clutch changes the whole vibe of my outfit from blah to ah-mazing! This is must-have for any wardrobe. 

T H R E E | The first post featuring an inside look about baseball was my favorite post to write this past month. I love the idea of sharing more about myself and our life with my readers. It was fun to write about something so different, but also something that I love. If this sorta thing is something you'd like to see more of, I'd love to know! 

F O U R | Does it really need an explanation?! This was by far my favorite outfit of the month and who could blame me! The dress has stolen my heart. The shoes are my new favorite go-to, thanks to Christian who picked them out for my birthday all on his own! He's a #keeper. 

F I V E | I've recently have been into trying out bolder colors as well as wearing silver jewelry. So silly, I know! But for years, I was a strict gold-only kind of gal. But I have really enjoyed mixing metals! I feel like it brings a whole new feel to an outfit. Check out more of this look here.

Which was your favorite post? Did you have any other favorites from this month?