5 Tips for a Better Monday

the Monday Vibes are real.

So it's the Monday after the Super Bowl, which means you probably overindulged in quite a bit of food. At least I did, if you didn't then you are the real MVP. Which got me thinking, why are Monday's the least liked day of the week? Oh right, the start of a new work week. Whomp, whomp. Instead of dreading Monday, I'm sharing five tips to make your Monday better. Or at least, I hope they help make it better! Check 'em out below.

O N E | Wake up 10 minutes earlier. | I know, you're thinking this girl must be freaking insane. But hear me out for just a quick second: Monday's are usually full of chaos and panic because the snooze button is usually tapped one too many times. Right? Instead, resist the temptation to snooze and get up. Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier that way if you do decide to snooze, you'll still be able to stick with your schedule. It's like tricking your brain!

T W O | Enjoy that first cup of coffee and relax. | Okay, so say you did listen to my tip above then you will love this. So you got up 10 minutes early, now what? Take that freshly brewed cup of coffee (or tea, if that's more your thing) and find a quiet spot to enjoy the silence. There is seriously nothing I love more than those quiet minutes just enjoying my coffee. It's like a built in relaxation session. 

T H R E E | Get your metabolism off to a good start and drink a bottle/glass of water. | People are always so amazed at how much better they feel once they actually consume the appropriate amount of water. If I've got a headache coming on or feel sluggish I KNOW it's because my water intake is low. And if you're like me and enjoy a cup of coffee (or two) each morning then you should also know that coffee (and tea) are diuretics. So even though they are essential to function in the morning, you've also got to remember to give your body what it needs to function properly..which is water.

F O U R | Move it. | Whether you prefer stretching or body squats, just some movement after your night time snooze does the body good. It increases blood flow and will basically make you feel more awake. Oh, and if you're really feeling up to it then try this throughout the day: Each time you go to the bathroom do a set of body weight squats. I used to do it with every trip to that bathroom at my previous cubicle job and it a) made me feel more alert and less groggy b) honestly, kicked my booty. 

F I V E  | Be grateful for another day. | Sounds cliche, I know. But each night before I go to bed and wake up the next morning, I always say a little thought internally. Basically, just thanking God for another day to be healthy and most importantly alive. Just think about this too, think about all the people who aren't fortunate enough to wake up and have a job? There's more than you think (and I know one in particular personally) who is not physically able to work in the capacity that they wished they could. So all I'm saying is just be grateful, just be grateful for another day you get to wake up and work towards your goals.

Well, those are some of the things I like to do each Monday morning or just about any morning I've got to get up and get moving. What are some things you like to do to wake up? I'd love to know below! 

Have a great Monday!


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