FP Embroidered Dress + Trends I'm Loving

Hello, there! I hope that you had a great weekend + a fabulous Mother's day. After last weekend, I took a little break from the home projects and yard work. I still completed some tasks but definitely didn't crush it like I did last weekend! Because honestly, that was so incredibly exhausting.

Anyways, I wanted to take some time to discuss personal style and trends. Because let's face it; you see a blogger with an item, then days later it's seen on everyone and their mom. While I love blogging and sharing my opinions/insights, I do like to stick to my own style. And I also think it's important to stick to what you are most comfortable in. Like I'm most comfortable in my husbands t-shirt, but I sure as heck can't wear that without pants in public! Haha. I'll guess I'll just stick with jeans + an OTS top. While trends are happenin' and fun; they don't really work for every gals real life style. Am I right? So I decided to share a few of my favorite trends, in hopes that you too enjoy them like I do. 

Embroidery; This is trend that really surprises me. When it first emerged I wasn't totally sold on it. But then I found items like this Free People dress and instantaneously fell in love. It's an embroidered beauty. With that, I've also seen my fair share of embroidered nightmares. So my tip is to stick to colors that generally work well together. It's really tough to vaguely distinguish what colors "work" well together; so if you're eyeing something up and not feeling too sure about the embroidery just shoot me a little message and I'll share my thoughts. 

Off the Shoulder; I mean, I don't really think I have to explain this one because I know y'all already know how I feel about OTS anything. The only comment I will make is that I do think OTS tops work best with small to medium chested gals. Not to say girls with large chests can't wear them, I just think it might be more challenging to find an OTS item with a comfortable fit. 

Statement Earrings; I know you've probably seen the ever popular 3-tier colored ball earrings. Tons of brands make them and they are such a fun accessory for Spring and Summer. But statement earrings in general are making a come back. I'm really into them right now! So check out some of my favorites below. 

Platform Shoes; Again, I think there is a right way and a wrong way to this trend. Like you can see in this outfit I'm wearing the go-to summer shoe by Steve Madden. This shoe is a dup for the Marc Fisher's and the Marc Fisher's are a dup for the Chloe's. At any rate, this style platform is a go for me! When it starts to get more of the solid platform disco-vibes; I am out. How do you feel about this trend? 

Well those are just a few of the trends that I am on board with. There are quite a few that I am not! I don't want to offend anyone by blatantly stating which trends I'm not a fan of. But are there any trends that you're not on board with? Or any other trends that you're loving right now? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great Monday!


Dress: Free People c/o My Bestie; I snagged it from her closet (It's on sale too!) | Shoes: Steve Madden (Under $60) | Earrings: c/o Betsy Pittard Designs | Bracelets: Bourbon & Boweties