Lessons From A Twenty-Something

Happy Monday, cuties! This weekend flew by which means we are just one day away from my birthday. Honestly, I don't know why I used to get so excited when I was a child. As you get older, the birthday celebration becomes less and less. As much as I hate to say it; all of those older people who gave me crap about birthday's and getting older were right. Not that I'm not grateful to survive twenty-five, but it's just insane how it all changes. So check out some of the lessons that I've learned in celebration of my birthday..

O N E | You will never be younger than you are today. 

So I'm not really sure when exactly this one hit me, but it sure did. Does anyone else feel like the time before now is just a huge blur!? I seriously can't even wrap my head around the fact that I will be twenty-six tomorrow. Or all of those random years in between college and now. They seem so far away. So instead of viewing myself as getting older, I'm now referring to my age as 26 years young. #boom #problemsolved.

T W  O | You're in charge of your own happiness. 

I know I've stated my opinion about this before but it is seriously my biggest pet peeve. Time goes fast so why spend it being miserable, right? If you have a dream, GO FOR IT. Stop waiting for things to be perfect or 'right.' The truth is; they will never be right and you will never be 100% ready. Stop wasting your precious days away doing something that doesn't make you happy. Your happiness is worth more than any amount of money. At least, that's what I think! 

As some of you may be aware of my husband and his career. Yes, he plays baseball for a living and yes, it makes him happy. We have always said as long as he's happy, it's definitely what he is meant to do. But the moment it becomes unenjoyable, we know it's time to stop. His happiness is worth so much more than the career. 

T H R E E | Don't worry about the things that don't worry about you.

This is something that I've learned, but definitely something I struggle with at times. I'm the kinda of person that doesn't want to hurt, offend, create drama, whatever you want to call it, with anyone. I don't like it. Actually I hate it; I hate drama and conflict so much to the point that I usually just remove myself from situations that cause it. But one thing I've noticed is that when I focus my thoughts on other people the thoughts  completely consume me. My husband will tell you; I'm a worrier to the core. I've let go A LOT. So it's a struggle, but I know that some of the things I'm worrying about aren't even thoughts/worries in other peoples minds.

F O U R | Hold onto the few that get you.

We've all got our kinda weirdness. I have no shame in my weirdness, but the best part about all of our weirdness is that we can find someone who appreciates it. If you meet someone and instantly hit it off (friendship-wise, I'm referring to! I'm a married gal.) chances are that your friendship will grow tremendously. I like to think I'm a good judge of people, so I know from meeting someone if we'll get along. But the people that you instantly connect with; hold onto them. You'll need them.

F I V E | You have emotions; don't you dare bury them.

Don't get me wrong, there is certainly a time and place for everything but we're human. We have feelings that are meant to be expressed. Those feelings are not meant to buried deep. I've found that when I don't have someone to express my emotions to; that that's when it really starts to effect me. Thankfully, I do have a wonderful husband and friend in Christian. I can always rely on him to tell me if my feelings are 'ok' or if I'm being just a little ridiculous. But you know what, having someone to just vocalize my thoughts to makes me feel that much better.

S I X | Always be kind.

I don't care how cliche it is; it will never go out of style. Kindness and empathy are two things that are so lacking from our world. I don't know about you but I'd certainly like to see them back. There's nothing like a sweet "hello", "thank you", or "please". Not to mention you just have no clue what another person is going through. Quite honestly, I'd like to be the person that just brightens up and changes someones day for the better. 

S E V E N | Trust your gut.

It usually doesn't steer you wrong. If you've gotta strange feeling about someone or some situation, chances are you're not wrong. Our 'guts' (that sounds gross; sorry!) are like a dogs instincts; and as a dog mama let me tell you one thing: a dogs instincts are never wrong. If my life were in the hands of my dogs, I wouldn't be nervous. Except for the fact that they are TOTALLY domesticated and couldn't provide me food. Actually, that's a lie. They would be able to, it just wouldn't be something I'd like to eat. Long story short: TRUST YOUR GUT.

E I G H T | Listen to "No Such Thing as a Broken Heart" by Old Dominion; It's full of wisdom.

If you don't like country, I'm sorry in advance. But I'm telling you listen to the words in this song. No matter what kind of mood I am, this song always brings me back to feeling happy and grateful. My favorite line from the entire song: "Chase after the dream; don't chase after the money." 

N I N E | Say I'm sorry.

I'm not saying just go say "I'm sorry." I mean, if you do something to be sorry for don't let your pride get in the way. Say sorry before it's too late. Our days go quick and you just never know when it'll be your last. 

T E N | A smile is (still) the prettiest thing you can wear.

Clothes and accessories can certainly make us feel good. But they don't do anything for ya if you're not smiling. You're you for a reason, so don't be afraid to show it.

E L E V E N | Get fresh air.

I don't care what time of year it is, there is nothing better than fresh air. If you're in a funk go for a nice long walk. Personally, I love the solitude during a walk. Having the time to just me and my thoughts helps me reason with whatever challenges are coming my way. I usually have a tough time staying inside if it's sunny outside, even if it is 90+ degrees outside. 

T W E L V E | Pray everyday.

Now I'm not saying go get your bible and recite bible verses. If you like to do that, it's cool! I read devotionals daily each morning. All I'm saying is keep the communication to God going. Each morning when I wake up, I say 'good morning' and share my gratitude for another day. If I'm having a good or a bad day, I take a quick moment to express my thoughts. And every night before I go to bed, I talk to God some more. For me, there is no right way to have a relationship with God. I do what works for me, so it may not work for you. But you won't know until you try.

Now, I  could probably go on and on with these lessons but I don't want to bore you. But I figured I would share some lessons I've learned during my twenty-six years of life. If you've got any connections to my lessons, let me know below. Or if you've learned something valuable that you'd like to share; I'd certainly love to hear about it! 

Hope y'all have a great Monday!


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