LulaRoe // In Review

Hello there, cuties!

I hope you're having a great week so far, I certainly am! It's our final full week in Florida before we make the drive up to Pennsylvania for the holiday's so I'm trying to soak up every bit of sunshine that I can. Yesterday, I shared a new post that will feature a gift guide for a specific person and will only continue through the month of December. (I've created these to simplify your holiday shopping!)  This is in addition to all of my gift guides that can be found here

But today, I'll be focusing on a brand that has intrigued me since I first heard about it: LulaRoe. So I partnered up with Karina Jennings, a (fabulous) LulaRoe rep, to share my insights on the brand. I'm sure you've heard of LulaRoe too, whether it was online or by word of mouth. It is a very popular brand that has grown tremendously in the past three years and now, after wearing the products I completely understand why. If there's one thing you've learned about me through this blog it's that I value comfort over everything. You also probably know that I'm a person that tells it how it is, I don't like to sugarcoat things. So when I say everything is so incredibly soft, I mean it. Follow along below for more my details on the products, as well as some styling inspiration!

LEGGINGS // OSFa+tall and curvy // $25

Let me just start by saying that these might be the softest and coziest leggings that I own. While I would not consider them a "workout" legging, they are great for everyday wear. I styled them for a day on the water, which included a leisurely walk with our dogs. I wouldn't say they wick moisture very well, but they are a great comfortable legging. Depending on what color/pattern you get, I think the leggings could be very versatile. For me, a color like I am wearing is more of a casual legging. But if you get a pair of patterned black leggings from LulaRoe you could easily dress them up for a date night outfit! Let's talk about sizing real quick because I think it's quite interesting regarding these leggings. To be honest, I was worried I wouldn't like the fit of a OSFA legging but I couldn't be happier with how they fit. For reference, I'm 5'2", 115 LBS and these leggings fit me perfectly. Meaning they are comfortable and don't become transparent when I move. If there's one thing I find important when looking for a perfect pair of leggings it's that they are not see-through while they are being worn. The standard size (what I have on) will fit women sizes 2-10. LulaRoe also makes a "Tall + Curvy" size for women sizes 12-20. My suggestion if you're having any questions on sizing? Reach out to Karina, she has a good feel for the sizing of the brand!


CARLY // SIZE: XXS-XL // $55

This dress is so me, it's not even funny. I'm all for shift dresses and this one does not disappoint at all. I absolutely love the slight hi-lo cut on the dress. The fabric is so cozy that you may even forget that you're wearing a dress. I styled this little number for a day at the farmers market and also dressed it up for a date night. I think that has been my favorite part about this dress. Versatility is so important when choosing a garment, at least for me. So perhaps that is why I love this dress so much! Anything that I can restyle differently is a win in my book. I will say that I think the sizing in the Carly dress runs a tad large. Typically I wear a size XS and I got an XXS in this dress. After I wore it, I thought it would shrink in the dryer too. But then I read my care tag which said LulaRoe products must be air dried. Which for me is not a big deal, but it might be something to keep in mind if you're interested LulaRoe products. Overall, it's an extremely versatile dress that I think would get lots of use in any woman's wardrobe. It's available in tons of colors and patterns! I also know that the new Elegant Collection by LulaRoe just debuted too! {insert heart eye emoji} 



This skirt was by far my favorite item out of all of the LulaRoe products! The pattern/color of this skirt is literally perfect for year round wear. Even though it's a pastel, it's a great shade that can be transitioned from season to season. In the cooler months, stick to pairing the skirt with a sweater. When it's warmer outside, I would suggest a loose fitting tank or perhaps even a crop top. The skirt can be worn as a high waisted skirt, so if you decide to go with a crop top you won't have to worry about your mid section showing! The fabric feels a bit heavier than the others, but it also provides great stretch for comfortability. I'm wearing an XXS in this skirt (This item runs TTS) and it was a loose around my knees when I wore it. I look for items like this skirt that provide a tight fit but more importantly provide the ability to move comfortably. Lastly, if blue is not your color don't worry. There are literally so many colors and patterns to choose from that I know you'll find something you love. It's a great addition to any wardrobe that can be dressed up or down.


IRMA TEE // XXS-2XL // $35

If I could insert the praise hand emoji here, I would. This shirt is perfect for everyday wear and can be layered with cardigans, flannels, jackets, and more. This specific shirt contains multi-colored dots throughout, which I really enjoy. A shirt like this has endless possibilities and can be styled many ways. I will say the fabric on this shirt is pretty transparent. Very rarely do I wear undershirts and in certain angles you can see my bra. It's not enough to deter me from wearing it, but it's just nice to know about the fabric. Next go round, I would probably wear a bralette with this shirt. That way if there is anything showing, it is pretty lace details and not my bra!  Typically, this item runs a bit large but that is also depending on how you'd like it to fit. For reference, I am wearing an XXS and the fit is just right for me! 


If you're interested in LulaRoe, I suggest connecting with Karina. She has been a LulaRoe rep for two and a half years (and the first rep in Virginia) and knows the products extremely well! (She was great at sizing recommendations too!) Besides that, she is so easy to work with and so incredibly sweet! If you'd like to join her Facebook page to check out her latest LulaRoe inventory you can do so by clicking here. She also carries a handful of other items that are not seen in this post. There are additional dress, shirt, and skirt styles available through Karina's LulaRoe shop. Lastly and one of my favorite parts about this brand is the limited amount of patterns in a given product. I'm all about products that are different and aren't always seen everywhere. So a tip when you're searching through LulaRoe, if you see a pattern/color you like, grab it while you can! It might be almost impossible to come by again!

I'm completely sold on LulaRoe and I'm thinking I need to expand my collection. So what are your thoughts on LulaRoe? Do you have some? If so, what are some of your favorites? 

Thank you, Lula Roe Karina Jennings, for sponsoring this post.