Microblading 101

Good Morning + Happy Friday! Today's post is a bit different as I continue to dive into beauty products and services that I love. I recently got my eyebrows microbladed and wanted to share my experience with y'all. Some of you may have heard of microblading, but most have not. So hold on cause this is going to be a post filled with tons of information.

First, I would like to say 'thank you' to Ruth Armistead, Studio G Aesthetics Medical Spa, and Endless Vitality Aesthetic Center for having me. To my microblading artist, Ruth, your work is simply amazing and I'm so grateful for my experience. I've learned so much from you about microblading and about tons of other services offered, too. 


Let me start by saying this: I am in no way a professional in regards to microblading or beauty services. I'm simply sharing my experience with y'all in the hopes to spread awareness about microblading and hopefully help y'all along the way if you were interested in getting this service done.

my experience

As you can imagine, I recommend microblading 100%. For a few reasons, but mostly because of the ease of getting ready for the day. I used to spend 5-8 minutes a day just filling in my brows. Brows are such a funny thing to me, too! I remember in high school I went pluck crazy (like most girls do) and I finally just had to leave them alone. But what's more humorous to me is that I don't feel "put together" or "ready for the day" unless I have my brows filled in. Can anyone else resonate with me on that?

So I knew microblading was something that I wanted to try. To be honest, I was so incredibly nervous to get them done. Yes, I have 4 tattoos but I had no idea what this would even feel like! So I met with Ruth to discuss microblading in detail. While microblading can be done on just about anyone (given that you have no health restraints) it's important to keep in mind what you're eyebrows currently look like. Ruth told me I'd be a perfect candidate for microblading since I essentially wanted to fill in and define the shape of my brows. It's not to say that if you have extremely thin or nonexistent brows that you can't get it done; it's just not ideal. 

I also didn't want to go to just anyone to get my eyebrows done. I had researched tons of artists in the area and felt most comfortable with Ruth. She has been trained in Asia and in the U.S., but also has so many certifications in the beauty industry. So I knew she was a good fit for me! Also, just to mention if you are thinking of getting microblading done make sure you look into the legality aspects of it. For example, in the state of South Carolina there must be a physician on the premises to evaluate you before hand. So if you've been to a place that doesn't have a physician, I would run! There is a reason this is a requirement in the state of South Carolina; so don't ignore it just to go somewhere that may offer the service to you at a lower price. And always remember, you get what you pay for. There are a handful of businesses (if you can even call them that?) in Columbia that perform this service illegally so this is just a warning! I always say it's better to be safe than sorry.

But anyways, here are some photos from my eyebrow mapping. Which honestly after talking to a few friends that got theirs done, I know not all artists do this. But I 100% appreciate the time, effort, and patience that went into literally making sure my eyebrows were perfect and symmetrical. Note that funny little ruler taped on my forehead that is legit measuring my brows! 

mapping out the shape of the brows


Step One

Measure the distance of the brows and where they should be.


Step Three

Physically adhere a ruler to ensure the distance and length of the brows are completely symmetrical.


Step Two

Draw in the desired shape.


Step Four

This process is repeated quite a few times. But as you can see the pigment is left to saturate particular areas that may be more likely to lighten. 

Like I mentioned above, I've discussed microblading with friends that have gotten it done and I have to say I was shocked to hear that their artists didn't fill them in on tons of helpful information. For example, did you know that you can't take aspirin, drink alcohol, or coffee 24+ hours before? As you may recall, all of those things are blood thinners which will cause you bleed more. But more importantly will drastically affect your healing process. One thing that Ruth provided (that I know tons of artists don't provide) is ALL of the information you could possibly need to know about microblading. She also provides the correct items to use to ensure proper healing. Since it will essentially be a wound, it's important to use products that contain no BS! No scented lotions or anything on your face. The more gentle, the better.

One thing that helped me during my microblading session is a sensory device. It was a vibrating device that fit perfectly in the palm of my hands. You would not believe how much it helped in regards to pain! I had my initial appointment with Ruth at Studio G Aesthetics and they had the sensory device. They hadn't yet arrived at her second location at the time of my second appointment and the pain was much different.

Let's talk about the pain though. It is painful but not even close to being unbearable. I will say that if I can handle it, I know y'all can. Even though I have tattoos and I've tolerated that pain, it's a much different pain. It's on your face! I mean, it's more sensitive but it's definitely bearable. Some spots feel like absolutely nothing while others make your eyes water. Another thing Ruth does is she does not numb your skin until after the initial outline is microbladed in. For one great reason, when numbing cream is applied it causes your skin to swell. Once your skin stops swelling, the outline of your brows will be much different. She does this to literally ensure that your eyebrows are perfect. So while it may not feel amazing that first pass through without topical numbing cream, it is totally worth it to have perfect eyebrows.

Q + A 

Before I  got my eyebrows done, I asked y'all to provide me with any questions that you had. So here we go!

what is microblading?

Microblading is a form of tattooing, but is semi-permanent.  It is done with a pulling or swiping motion of a manual pen and a set of very fine needles, implanting color under the epidermis of the skin. The result of microblading is extremely realistic hair strokes.  The hair strokes are fine, crisp, with extraordinary definition and dimension.

what product is used to microblade?

The pigment used in this method has been formulated to match the client’s original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrows are still present, it will blend perfectly into them, therefore shaving the eyebrows is not advised. The results of microblading are a natural, flawless, fuller looking brow. Initially, the brows appear darker, but fade significantly over a two-week period.

how does it work? is it like a tattoo?

The difference between traditional tattoo and microblading is unlike an eyebrow tattoo, microblading does not leave a flat, dull and fake look that tattoos leave behind, nor is it permanent, so you are free to modify the shape of your brows according to the latest trends.

does it hurt?

Microblading can hurt or cause discomfort for some, since hairline strokes are implanted by clusters of fine needles – but this is not unbearable. Clients that have tattoos on other parts of their body tend to be more pain tolerant. I have been told that it feels like a paper cut and or tweezing your brows. The skin swells and becomes mushy; therefore the outline is not performed with numbing solution. A thin layer of lidocaine is then applied once the outline is achieved. Some clients even fall asleep during this process!

how long does it take?

First, you should always meet with your microblading artist beforehand to determine if you're a good candidate for microblading. If so, you will come back for the initial appointment which takes about 2 hours. The most time consuming part is measuring and mapping out the shape of your new brows. After your initial visit, you will come back in a few weeks for your touch up which will take about 45 minutes to an hour. 

how much does it typically cost?

Depending upon where you live it can vary. Typically, in the Columbia area it can range from $400-$900. There is a complimentary appointment to meet with Ruth. If you decide to move forward, Ruth charges $450 for the initial appointment and the touch up. If you're in the Columbia area and mention this post, Ruth will give you $50 off your service.

how do you care for your eyebrows after they are completed?

The after care and healing process: Our aftercare consist of Cetiphil cleanser and Aquaphor. You wash your brows after 2 hours; ultimately preventing from scabbing. Scabbing will pull and lighten the pigment. It can take about 9 days for the initial color to settle but 30 days to completely heal.

immediately after my initial visit


The Final Result

It goes without saying that I recommend microblading, but more importantly I recommend my artist, Ruth. There are great artists everywhere so just make sure you do your research. A great artist will never be mad for asking too many questions. In fact, I'm sure they'd appreciate all of the questions. So I'm dying to know, what are your thoughts on microblading? Is it something you'd like to try? Let me know below!


PS: Don't forget if you're a #SodaCity local, if you mention this post you can get $50 off your microblading service with Ruth.