My 2018 Goals

Happy Wednesday! For some, today is the first day back to work/school, as others have returned to the grind yesterday. With the New Year comes with lots of (sometimes, unrealistic) resolutions. I shared some ways that I like to achieve my goals in this post last year. So I thought I'd share some of my goals for 2K18 and how I plan to tackle them.




This is something that I've tried to do more and more with y'all. Specifically, more on Instagram since IG stories is a place where I can chat with you IRL. But being weird is something I just excel at so I'm excited to share more of my weirdness with you. Make sure you're following me on IG!



Often times, I get ideas at the strangest times and then I forget to write them down. I always mean to write them in a note on my phone or something along those lines. But I am a strict real planner and writing to-do lists down kinda gal. So the first step to achieve this goal for me is by carrying a small notebook and pencil with me at all times. 


There are days where I'm on top of my to-do lists in my planner and days where I just completely neglect it. So I wan to make sure I write down all of my daily goals in my planner, which brings me to my little snippet. If you're like me a like a planner that has not only a monthly overview, but an hourly overview, and a daily to-do list. For the days that I do use my planner everyday, I feel the most productive by crossing things off of my to-do list. The Day Designer planner is the only planner that I've come across that has all of the above!



Changing your diet shouldn't be something you do cold turkey. Christian is very knowledgeable about health and nutrition. We read lots of articles and books, listen to podcasts, and watch documentaries. It's actually a frequent topic of discussion for us. I go back and forth with my eating habits where I'll eat clean for a span and then fall off of the train. One thing that we've implemented into our lifestyle is minimizing the amount of grains we consume. We don't buy bread, rice, or pasta. If we do, it's for a specific occasion. If I had to guess, I'd say we eat grains about 1-2 per month. You see, grains cause immediate inflammation. So if you're wondering why you feel extremely bloating and uncomfortable after you eat them, that's why. They not only cause inflammation to your belly, but just about EVERY other part of your body too. Sore joints and pain? Eliminate grains and see how you feel. To be honest, this was extremely difficult for me to overcome because I grew up eating lots of pasta. But it's a drastic feeling between eating and not eating grains. So drastic that when I do eat grains, I'm usually kicking myself in the butt because I feel like crap afterwards. 

The way I've achieved any nutritional steps forward is by doing so slowly. I don't just quit cold turkey, meaning I don't say "I'm doing Whole 30" or "Eliminating all grains and sugar from my diet" because that is near impossible and why so many people struggle with diet fads like Whole 30. Work on one nutritional goal at a time. I like to focus on a new goal on a week to week basis. Currently, I've eliminated desserts, candy, and artificial sugars from my diet. The only sugars I am consuming are natural sugars, like those found in fruit. So like I said, I think the best way to be successful in regards to eating habits is by doing it one step at a time. I don't believe it diet because to me, they are just a temporary fix. If you want to change, you need to focus on eliminating the bad foods from your diet all together.



This year, I'm focusing on making more lifestyle friendly. I'll still be sharing boat loads of style content, but I also want to include more beauty posts, home decor, and baseball wife-isms, too. 



If you've got a question or suggestion, I promise I will do my best to respond. It's tough for me to respond to every single comment on Instagram. So I wanted to use this an opportunity to say that if you have a specific question, just direct message me or send me an e-mail. But I want to connect with y'all way more so I hope you use the opportunity to ask me any and every question you might have.