Neutral is Better

Hi there! So technology messed up a bit. I was organizing my planner and realized this guy never posted as schedule so here it is. Better late than never I always say (plus this outfit is REALLY cute)!

I know I've said it probably a million times but there is something I just adore about a neutral outfit. Especially when a nice tan is involved! A simple shift dress like the one I'm wearing in this post is pretty much necessary to every wardrobe. At least in my eyes! It's comfy and stylish, but also has the potential to be dressed up or down. In the summer heat, I prefer a dress that is not form fitting (it tends to show sweat when it's form fitting). Seeing as I spend a decent amount of time at baseball games, I'm all about comfy dresses that still allow me to feel confident. But whatever your style is, it's always important to be comfortable.

Another favorite about this outfit is my Soludos which if I haven't said already: I LOVE! If you've never had a pair you need to try them out. Cute and comfy is considered winning in my book. Until next time..

Dress: Francesca's | Shoes: Anthropologie | Purse: Sold Out Spartina 449 | Bracelets: Francesca's | Earrings: Sold Out Lucky Brand