Pattern Mixing

Hey, hey, hey.

Happy Wednesday! Well, today marks the last unofficial day of the off-season for my guy. I can't believe the off season is basically over. As bad as it may sound, I am still so excited for this upcoming baseball season though. If you remember from this post, I shared that we'd be calling South Carolina home. Just give it a few weeks into the season though and I'm sure all I'll be wishing for is the off-season yet again. Oh the joys of being a baseball wife.

So even though we currently reside in Florida, scarves aren't really appropriate for the warm temps down here. At least not for this northern gal! I get way too dang hot when I wear them, but I took one for the team when we shot this look because I thought mixing patterns is such a fun way to style an outfit. Especially if you're somewhere where scarfs ARE appropriate. And there certainly is a right and wrong way to mix patterns in my eyes! So when pattern mixing my tip is pick two patterns and make sure they have one color in common. In my case, the color is black (no surprise there)! But if you choose black, you could even mix in a leopard flat so long as it also has black. 

So what are your favorite patterns to mix? Let me know in the comments below!


Top: Nordstrom, Similar| Jeans: Articles of Society | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack, Similar | Scarf: Nordstrom, Similar | Bracelets: Sorrelli, Sorrelli | Earrings: Sorrelli | Clutch: c/o The Providence Story