Shifts, Stripes, and Summer

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! I don't know what it's been like where you are, but in Norfolk it has been pretty warm. Christian is on the road and returning tonight, which means I'll be returning to wearing my clothing. As opposed to my uniform of workout clothes or a bathing suit. When Christian is on the road I get really focused on my workouts and my diet, so I always loves when he returns home for infinite reasons.
This dress from LOFT is one of my favorites and somewhat reminds me of this one I purchased from LOFT last summer. I don't know what it is about shift dresses, but I am always drawn to them. They make me feel confident and feminine. As I was browsing my favorite bloggers post this morning, I really loved something she said.

"Your personal style is the most comfortable thing you’ll wear" - Katey McFarlan

I know I love shift dresses, but perhaps you don't. As it's summer, we're in the prime time of dress season. What's your favorite style dress to wear? Maxi, body-con, shift, A-line, midi. I' love to know in the comments below!