Spring Must Haves

Hey hey! Spring is in full swing, so I'm talking about some spring must haves that you gotta have.

ONE: A little black (shift) dress is necessary for the summer months. I don't know if I say this enough, but shift dresses are the best especially during the hot summer months. Wearing a dress that is loose and allows breath-ability should be on the top of your list. An added bonus? They are really cute and can be dressed up or down!

TWO: We all know it's get pretty chilly on those spring/summer nights so obviously a jean jacket is the perfect addition to just about any outfit. I suggest one that is a lighter wash, as it goes with lots more colors. If you were to pick a dark wash, you would be somewhat limited to what you could wear it with. Now it would probably look 'OK' with some outfits, but chances are you'll be wearing jeans during the summer so a dark wash pair of skinnies and a dark denim jacket is just a bit too much. Agreed?

THREE: I know I sound like a broken record BUT lace. up. flats. They can make outfit go from blah to yes (insert praising hands emoji)! If you're new to the lace-up flat trend, my first suggestion is black or nude because then you'll be able to wear them with just about anything.

FOUR: Just for good measure, you definitely need some sparkle too! Pick a few accessories that add a pop or pops of color to your look. That way if you decide to wear a simple outfit, your jewels can spice it up. And in addition to the lace-up flats? You'll feel like million bucks!

What color are you thinking of adding to your S|S wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!