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The Two Free People Items You Need

Good Morning! The post Halloween feels are here. We certainly indulged on lots of food and candy last night. A few of our good friends came over last night and we enjoyed food and fun by our makeshift fire pit! We simply bought pavers (which we already had to use with our smoker) and some stones to act as a border. One of the best parts about our creation? We can relocate it anywhere we would like. 

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Fall Favorites

Happy Wednesday! I thought my Wednesday was off to a good start, that is until I wrote this entire post and then SquareSpace crashed on me. Nothing like starting your day out with some frustration, right? But I'm not letting that ruin my day.

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The Transitional Tank You Need

Hi there! I was going to say 'Happy Monday,' but it seems kinda strange to say being that the entire state of Florida is being devastated. As some of you may know, we live in the midlands of South Carolina. The most recent predictions have kept us out of Hurricane Irma's path. However, we have certainly been feeling some of the effects!

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