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Fall Favorites

Happy Wednesday! I thought my Wednesday was off to a good start, that is until I wrote this entire post and then SquareSpace crashed on me. Nothing like starting your day out with some frustration, right? But I'm not letting that ruin my day.

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3 Ways to Turn Around Your Day

Happy Friday! I started off my Friday in a way that is so unlike me. I woke up at 5:15 AM. Let me just start by saying that this never happens, but internally my body was just awake. It could be because I fell asleep super early last night.

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Floral Tank Under $30

Hey there! I hope that you had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend. I was a tad MIA this past weekend on social media and skipped Monday's blog post; but I felt that it was only right to observe the holiday. To me, it just didn't seem right to be talking about sales and where to shop, when the holiday was created to remember those that we've lost.

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