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The Best Transitional Kimono
Fall Date Night Outfit

We made it to Friday! And with Thanksgiving next week, we have a weekend filled with tasks and projects to get done before our family gets here. We have a fence going in next week, a few pieces of furniture being built by my husband, and possibly (hopefully) our new sectional will be delivered. Otherwise, it'll be us and our family on our single couch in the great room. But that will for sure make a lasting memory! I'm still hoping our new couch will get here this upcoming week though. Say a prayer that it does!

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Day to Night + Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We're almost there! I don't know about y'all but it's been yet another busy week for me. I'm trying to revamp my Pinterest account so if you're a pinning junkie then head here to check out what I've been pinning! I've also been working on some cool projects and brainstorming some ideas for posts that I'm hoping y'all will like.

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