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OTS Dress + More Under $50

Happy Hump Day! For some reason, it doesn't really feel like a Wednesday to me. But I ain't mad about it cause it just means we are closer to the weekend! Yesterday I went to a local auction with a few friends and I literally can't believe what I got.

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FP Embroidered Dress + Trends I'm Loving

Hello, there! I hope that you had a great weekend + a fabulous Mother's day. After last weekend, I took a little break from the home projects and yard work. I still completed some tasks but definitely didn't crush it like I did last weekend! Because honestly, that was so incredibly exhausting.

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Day to Night + Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We're almost there! I don't know about y'all but it's been yet another busy week for me. I'm trying to revamp my Pinterest account so if you're a pinning junkie then head here to check out what I've been pinning! I've also been working on some cool projects and brainstorming some ideas for posts that I'm hoping y'all will like.

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