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The Best Transitional Kimono
Fall Date Night Outfit

We made it to Friday! And with Thanksgiving next week, we have a weekend filled with tasks and projects to get done before our family gets here. We have a fence going in next week, a few pieces of furniture being built by my husband, and possibly (hopefully) our new sectional will be delivered. Otherwise, it'll be us and our family on our single couch in the great room. But that will for sure make a lasting memory! I'm still hoping our new couch will get here this upcoming week though. Say a prayer that it does!

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The Planner You Need + Planning Tips

Well, we've made it to hump day. It's kinda #strugglecity over here, as you can tell since it's pretty late for this post to go up. But I figured, better late than never. I'm working on some fun projects for y'all regarding home decor, DIY projects, and just more lifestlye-ish topics that y'all have been asking for.

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Floral Tank Under $30

Hey there! I hope that you had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend. I was a tad MIA this past weekend on social media and skipped Monday's blog post; but I felt that it was only right to observe the holiday. To me, it just didn't seem right to be talking about sales and where to shop, when the holiday was created to remember those that we've lost.

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The Sweetest OTS Top + It's Under $14

Quite honestly, I am totally losing track of what day it is. Unpacking a house is so much more work than unpacking an apartment. It's literally been kicking my booty, which is why I skipped Monday's post. I have literally been at the house all day every day since we've made settlement. And being there has just got me so excited! I seriously get so distracted when I think about all the projects we'd like to do! It's going to be so much fun.

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Valentine's Inspo + The Tulle Skirt You Need

Although, it doesn't really feel like it. I'm fighting off yet another cold and so my concept of time (and which day of the week it is) is totally off. But seeing as Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I decided to share what I'll be wearing this Valentine's Day. But also, why you need a tulle skirt in your life!

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Wanted + Trending: OTS Tops

So let me just start by saying that this post fits with the Monday feels. I write my blog posts for the week (typically) on Sunday evening. As I was writing the post, Google Chrome decided it wanted to freeze. So here I am re-writing the same we go!

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