The Planner You Need + Planning Tips

Well, we've made it to hump day. It's kinda #strugglecity over here, as you can tell since it's pretty late for this post to go up. But I figured, better late than never. I'm working on some fun projects for y'all regarding home decor, DIY projects, and just more lifestlye-ish topics that y'all have been asking for. The first area that y'all have asked for some tips is regarding organization. So I figured the best place to start is with a great planner. So let me tell you why I love this one more than ALL of the others that I've tried.

Let's just start by saying that I'm a bit of a planner snob. I don't mind spending money on a planner because I truly utilize it. It makes me feel more put together and when I'm using it properly I achieve more tasks. So first, I tried a brand on Etsy called Plum Paper Designs. These are actually very comparable to Erin Condren. I really liked my PPD planner! The downside for me was the cover. I wanted a planner that had a sturdier cover. So after I tore through that planner I tried Erin Condren. It was a bit of a commitment but it is a great planner. I love that you can customize it completely; you can even choose what finish you'd like your spiral to me. Obviously, I chose gold. There are a few layout options with these, but I could not find one that I could utilize fully. Meaning, I was writing over categories I probably shouldn't have but I just had other things that I needed to keep track off. So then I was sorta stalking The Day Designer. I studied the layout for some time and it's the only planner that I've found that has a monthly overview, daily hourly layout + daily to-do's, and lots of other bonuses. I will say if you've always wanted to stay on track with a planner (basically, if you're a planner newbie) I would suggest this planner, but only if you're comfortable with the price. Otherwise, you could start by using the Target version of The Day Designer or some other options that can be found at places like Homegoods. Just start small and figure out what layouts work for you. This is just what works for me!

tip number one

Plan ahead. Give yourself an hour each week (I like to do this on Sunday's) to write out the tasks you'd like to achieve each day.  It'll give you tasks to stay on track with. If you don't finish them, then simply go through and highlight the tasks you didn't finish so you can forward them into the next week.

tip number two

Don't get overwhelmed. So you don't cross off all of your to-do's? And that's okay. We're not super woman/man. Sometimes, you just can't get it all done. Keep track of the things you have yet to accomplish and just give yourself more time. But also, give yourself some credit for all of the other things that you accomplish on a daily basis.

tip number three

Use pencil. It's a struggle right? Because you want your planner to be this beautiful book of perfection. But listen, we're not perfect so your planner doesn't have to be either. Chances are plans will change more than once, meetings will be moved; so just do yourself a favor (and save the white-out, yuck!) and just use a pencil! If it's something definitive then I will go over with a fun marker color (I've shared the ones that I use below)! 

tip number four

Keep a little notebook or section for notes. This can be in your planner or if you're like me, I like to keep a separate little notebook. So when I get an idea, I can just got it down. 

I'm curious to see which planners y'all like to use. If there is one that I haven't mentioned that you love, I'd love to check it out. So just let me know! And if you have any tips that I didn't mention, I'd love to hear those too! Have a great Wednesday!

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