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Happy Monday, cuties! It's Thanksgiving week which means that I'm gearing up and prepping for all of the Black Friday sales. Now, I don't physically go out and shop on Black Friday because I can't handle that kinda crazy. So this will be a round up of the sales that I'll be shopping from the comfort of my couch. The round-up will include sales from Nordstrom, Express, Loft, AnthropologieFree People, and Old Navy. So if there are any other sale round ups you'd like to see, just let a girl know.

So on Friday on my IG story I talked about how I wanted to be more transparent and personal with y'all. It's something that I feel like I struggle with because of the nature of work that my husband does. For those of you that are new here or simply don't know; my husband plays professional baseball for a living with the Arizona Diamondbacks. One thing to note about him and a majority of professional baseball players is that they're just your average joe. Now I don't mean that in a personal way, (because I know my husband is way above average when it comes to how he treats me) but I more so mean it as they enjoy the same things that non-athletes do, too. For example, Christian has been loving having a place to take care of. We are so similar in the fact that we take great pride in our home. It's a lot of money that goes into a home so our theory is why wouldn't you take care of it? He's enjoyed (most of it!) the yard work, building furniture (can't wait to show y'all what he's built me!), and just piecing the house together.


Another thing that we do together when Christian is home is shoot for the blog. He was always taking all of my blog photos before he got traded to the Diamondbacks this spring. So when he was forced move across the country for the duration of the baseball season, I had to figure something out and thank goodness I found Ebonn! Both of their photographs go so well together in my feed and I love shooting with both of them for different reasons. But no matter who I shoot with the outcome is always always always AH-MAZING. People were/are always surprised when I tell them that Christian takes (most) of my photos. But he really does enjoy it! While I'm changing outfits, I'll find pictures in between of plants, squirrels, and sometimes even our pups. Typically, I always have him help me pick out which photo to post on Instagram and he is a true IG husband. He's always doing whatever I ask him (even if it is totally ridiculous and silly) for the blog. He's so dedicated to me and my dreams of being a successful blogger. And of course, I'm always supporting him and wearing a 'Walker' jersey as much as I can! #proudwife

Anyways, the point of sharing all that is because he took some these photos. It was the very first look we shot together since he's returned home for the off-season. I think he did an amazing job! I just wanted to share that little blurb because I just think people tend to forget that athlete's are just normal people trying to be just that; normal. There are 7-8 months of our lives that are so totally not normal. Our schedules get flipped upside down due to baseball so it's just fun to share a little view point from our perspective. I hope y'all have a great day and I'm excited to share more about us with y'all here!


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Top: Urban Outfitters | Jeans: Nordstrom | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack | Sunglasses: Ray Ban (Christian surprised me with these!)| Bralette: Free People

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photography: ebonn yvonne + christian