Wardrobe Must Haves

Happy Wednesday! I have to say, now that I'm full-time "baseball gypsy" (how we like to refer to our crazy lives of traveling) I completely understand how it is possible to lose track of days. As I was writing this post, I couldn't for the life of me remember if today was Wednesday or Friday. Hopefully I'll think of some way to keep my days straight! 

If you've been following me then you've probably heard enough rants about neutrals and just how muchI love them, so I will not bore you with that all over again! But I will say that there are two absolutely necessary items for every wardrobe. First, a great chambray! Whenever I say chambray to someone (most of the time), they are staring at me puzzled like, "what is a chambray?" So here it is if you aren't familiar, it's a denim shirt. And why it is called a chambray I am not sure, so I'll have to look into that and get back to you. A chambray can be worn with literally any color pants, even denim jeans. The opportunities are endless. Secondly, is a great pair of white pants. I love this pants more so than others because they are SO dang soft. The whole 'no white after Labor Day' rule is old news, so invest in a great pair of white jeans that you can style all year round. Last tip, if you style the two items together you have an infinite amount of opportunities to add any color to your look!

Thanks for reading!