What is Liketoknow.it?

Happy Sunday! I know we don't typically hang out on Sunday's but...I wanted to take some time to explain liketoknow.it to you because I'm sure you see terms like: #LTKit, @liketoknowit, http://liketk.it/2qbIF. So why do bloggers include all that stuff and what does it mean? 


So liketoknow.it is an affiliate link that lots of bloggers use to link wearable or basically any product from an online source to their website. This allows bloggers to get credit for leading you to the brands site. So not only is it a good tool for bloggers, it's also great tool for readers because it allows you to get the link to the exact product you're looking for or at the very least a similar product. By doing so, you are supporting your favorite bloggers (basically helping them stay in business!) For example, if I'm linking a product that isn't affiliated with liketoknow.it I would most likely look for similar products for you to find! And also, sometimes products sell out (as a blogger, we hate when that happens because we want you to have the exact details) which is a huge bummer. 

how it works

If you choose to sign-up for liketoknow.it you will receive an e-mail including all of the post details. So how does it work? Check out the photo below for details.

Last thing to keep in mind with liketoknow.it is that you can manage the frequency in which you receive e-mails! And if you're not sold on liketoknow.it, don't worry! Follow the instructions below to get the details.

O N E | Go to the SHOP tab.

T W O | Go to the SHOP MY INSTAGRAM tab.

T H R E E | Click the PHOTO you want the details on and it will direct you to an image like the one below.